Today’s Shadow news i brought to you by Luc, community lead, Ryan US cm and Malte, german CM. It will tackle many subjects, among others :

  • Activations
  • The new forum
  • New additions to the CM team
  • Twitter giveaway

I) Activations

1) Europe

Activations are going on as planned in Paris and Amsterdam data centers, still the same as last week.

2) US

The following content has been sourced from the #Activation-Status channel on the US discord

Shadow Boost Activation Times
all times are estimations, subject to change, and should be calculated based on order date For orders on 5/26/20 or later:

California (SV2):
Activation by June 25th 2020

Chicago (CH1):
Activation by July 23rd 2020

Texas (TX1):
Activation by July 23rd 2020

New York (NY1):
Activation by July 23rd 2020

For orders on 5/25/20 or before:

California (SV2): 
Delayed to week of June 15th*

New York (NY1):
By end of June 2020

Chicago (CH1):
By end of June 2020

Texas (TX1):
By end of June 2020

*Unfortunately, as many of you connecting to SV2 know, we had network issues that impacted services Memorial Day weekend. Our original calculations to hit the May 2020 date was based on being able to activate users this week on SV2. Due to the network issue, we were unable to activate new users to preserve the quality of Shadow for users already connecting.

We will be deploying additional network capacity to resolve this issue, but due to the timing of the deployment, we will not be able to activate you until the week of June 15th. We are sorry for this delay, and each user impacted will receive a dedicated email.

II) Diverse and various news

1) The “remember me” feature

A hotfix has been pushed out to all clients, fixing the « remember me » feature for all apps (desktop and Ghost and Box and mobile). Now, it should work like a charm! (source: US discord, #changelogs, Stavlor)

If you still have issues, don’t hesitate to contact support and they will look into it closely.

2) The iOS Beta

A new version of the Beta on iOS is coming very soon (probably sometime next week) and will bring some changes, among others: Full keyboard support

3) The new forum

It has been created in order to centralize all of the questions, comments, feedback about Shadow in one organized place. That allows you, as a community member, to go in there find what you want fast and keep gaming on Shadow. It is gonna be the place to go to get the latest news on Shadow (before reddit and discord)

4) Bug feedback channel

This is currently in the work. It will provide a more structured and technical way of reporting bugs and allow Shadow to track and solve them in a more efficient way than ever before!

5) Shadow Ghosts (Europe)

They have left China and should find their way to their owners very soon !

6) Twitter Giveaway

All you have to do to offer 1 free year of Shadow to a friend of yours, is to tag him, retweet and follow @Shadow_France on twitter ! (all country where Shadow is available can participate !)

6) New additions to the CM team !

3 more people are expected to be hire very soon to join your favorite CM team ! That means more people to ask questions to, more contest, more giveaways and much more fun too 🙂 .


Q: Will you open a UK data center?
A: We have, to my knowledge, no plans to open a data center in the UK in the near future. Of course, we’re always evaluating the current experience and if we do determine that a UK Datacenter needs to be created, We’ll obviously make that decision. But right now we feel as if the experience overall is very good from the Paris data center and we have no plans, as of now, to open a data center in the UK (but of course things could change)

Q: Does the Samsung Dex work with Shadow?
A: I’ve seen some using it with success, but you should check out our discord to talk to other community members about it!

Q: When is the VR exploration program coming to Europe?
R: It is in the plans and we are hoping to bring it to Europe this summer !

Q: When is the two factors authentication coming to Shadow?
R: IT has been discussed internally but no timeline to share yet !