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I) News

1) Valorant

Like so many gamers around the world, we’re excited for the official release of Valorant!

Due to Riot Games’ anti-cheat system, Vanguard, it is currently not possible to play on virtual machines, like Shadow. We are currently looking into potential solutions so all of you at #TeamShadow can get in some sweet competitive MP action. As soon as we have more information, you will be the first to know. To stay up-to-date, you can also refer to our Help Center article.

Games with Issues Identified on Shadow


2) Activations

Shadow is looking at better ways of displaying activations information. It will probably take the form of a weekly post on the new forum here with much more details about it!

a) Europe

Activations are going smoothly in the Paris data center (with some up and down here and there). As for the Amsterdam data center, everyone who ordered a Shadow boost before April 30th (outside of the very specific cases) should be activated by next Monday (June 8th).

b) US

Shadow Boost Activation Timesall times are estimations, subject to change, and should be calculated based on order date

For orders on 5/26/20 or later:

California (SV2):
Activation by June 25th 2020

Chicago (CH1):
Activation by July 23rd 2020

Texas (TX1):
Activation by July 23rd 2020

New York (NY1):
Activation by July 23rd 2020

For orders on 5/25/20 or before:

California (SV2): 
Delayed to week of June 15th*

New York (NY1):
By end of June 2020

Chicago (CH1):
By end of June 2020

Texas (TX1):
By end of June 2020

*Unfortunately, as many of you connecting to SV2 know, we had network issues that impacted services Memorial Day weekend. Our original calculations to hit the May 2020 date was based on being able to activate users this week on SV2. Due to the network issue, we were unable to activate new users to preserve the quality of Shadow for users already connecting.

We will be deploying additional network capacity to resolve this issue, but due to the timing of the deployment, we will not be able to activate you until the week of June 15th. We are sorry for this delay, and each user impacted will receive a dedicated email.

3) iOS

A new version of the iOS beta (testflight) was released, with keyboard and mouse support! Here is the full changelog of this update :

Client 3.0.1 (Build: 81)
expires on 8/25/2020
-full keyboard support
-PS4 gamepad extended compatibility
-fixes for iPad stuck at 12 FPS, now at 120 FPS

4) The forum

Last week, the new forum was launched. You should all join it (here) as all the information & news about Shadow will always go there first!

Shadow is working on a dedicated bug feedback category to implement into the forum (bug report, upvote bugs you want Shadow to fix the most, comment about it)!

5) Shadow Ghost (Europe)

The shadow ghosts have landed in France and fully went through custom. They have been given to our shipping partner and started being shipped last Tuesday!


Q: Will Shadow Ghosts be available soon in the US?
A: The order you heard about earlier was about a pre-existing one that people had placed (that we are now fulfilling). Manufacturing generally is tied to the situation with COVID-19 and particularly if that happens in China. We don’t have any specific updates other that we’re monitoring it and working on it closely, and as soon as we’re able to realistically open them up as available or in stock, we will let everyone know! But no updates in terms of timeline.

Q: Are activations being made on a first-come, first-serve basis?
A: Yes they are.

Q: Can I use Photoshop, Blender, Unity (or any other game development software) on Shadow?
A: Yes you can.