Today’s Shadow news is brought to you by Luc, community lead, Malte, german CM and Ryan, US CM. It will tackle the following subjects :

  • Activations
  • Pimp my Shadow
  • Other products Updates

I) News

1) Activations

For all the latest information you can check out the weekly update in this section of the forum: (the latest one so far would be: This forum post is updated every Monday!

2) AppleTV app & the WWDC 2020

A new version of the AppleTV app was just released in beta and brings some improvements along with it : PS4 controller compatibility, mouse and keyboard support, Display management , etc.

The WWDC 2020 was full of great and impressive informations and the iOS devs think that it should bring the iOS applications to the next level in the future. A blog post will be written to go more into details about it and maybe some of the iOS devs will be joining your CM team in the next Shadow news.

3) CM team update

Two interns have joined the CM team ! Greta will be working on the Uk sides of things and Loic will be joining the french CM team!

4) Pimp my Shadow !

It is a great way to Show off your creations (Shadow themed, made on shadow, gaming related, etc.) and your setup !

You can also tag Shadow on twitter with #PimpMyShadow to share your creativity on Twitter !

5) Shadow Ghost

Europe: Everyone who preordered one should get it by the end of the month as deliveries started this month!

USA : Still out of stock and, currently, no ETA when Shadow Ghost will be made available although it is still a priority for Shadow !

II) Q&A (#TinyPlants)

Q: Any news on ultra and infinite, is the development in time, and can you announce a more precise date of availability for the US?
A: So far it is still planned for this summer (for a limited launch) and we are very close to sharing much more details about it with the community but not quite yet, unfortunately.

Q: Will Shadow be available on the Nintendo Switch?
A: The likelihood of that to ever happen is very close to zero I’m afraid.

Q: Will Shadow be available on the Raspberry PI anytime soon?
A: Currently, it is not in our plans to do that sadly (technical challenge, support need for it, etc.). We have looked into it but; right now, it is not a priority.

Q: Any plans for Chrome OS mouse support or Chromecast support?
A: Not currently, no.

Q: Is the Steam controller supported on Shadow?
A: No, it is not officially supported (although it should work if you open Steam in the big picture mode on your Shadow). You can know more about which controllers are supported by checking this link out:

Q: What about additional storage that is out of stock in some data centers, any news to share?
A: We currently have no news to share or any timeline so far.

Q: Can we use Geforce experience on Shadow?
R: Yes, you can use it on Shadow. Although we don’t recommend using it because it might activate options that are not very beneficial on Shadow.

Q: Any plan to implement the USB over IP feature on the Android application?
A: Not currently. But you can check out the public roadmap if you want to know more about the development of Shadow: Shadow Public Roadmap.