Today’s Shadow news is brought to you by Luc the wise (Community Lead), Malte the fabulous (German CM), and That Ryan guy aka “Text to speech guy” (US CM).

As per usual these past few weeks, it will give you the latest update about COVID 19 impact on Shadow, followed by a Q&A session!

Don’t forget to check out Shadow’s blog article here (for Europe) and here for the US, as it is updated daily!

I) COVID-19 impact’s on Shadow

Recently, things have stabilized. Shadow is now able to activate people regularly, even though it’s fewer than usual. There has also been a stabilization in the actual experience of shadow. So overall, a very positive outlook on the recent COVID-19 impact’s on Shadow

1) Activations

a) Europe

Everyone who was supposed to be activated with their Boost offer in March and April (pre-orders before February 19) should be activated right now, or within the next few days, as some cases are currently being resolved. If you have not been activated and should have, please contact support.

b) USA

California data center :
Last week, Shadow had mentioned that they had noticed some network issues, activating people in a stop and go kind of way, rather than processing daily amounts. They have been monitoring the situation closely and have treated a large batch of activations in the last couple of days (around 700). There is still a large quantity remaining, and Shadow is doing everything they can to get them activated as soon as the situation allows it!

New York, Chicago, and Texas data centers
Shadow is still activating a small number of users daily with an average activation wait time of 4 to 6 weeks for New York and Chicago data centers and 5 to 7 weeks for Texas data center. Shadow’s teams are working hard to reduce these delays.

2) Additional storage

a) Europe

Every pre-ordered extra storage has now been delivered! If you don’t see it on your Shadow, please contact support, and they will help you sort this out! Every affected user should have his extra storage visible and usable by the end of next week!

NB: To see you extra storage, you have to manually shut down your shadow and reboot it!

Shadow is currently working on a storage management tool to allow users to add and remove extra storage from their customer account page (only for Paris data center)! It should be available soon.

b) USA

Shadow had to process the boost preorder first, pre-ordered storage should be delivered very soon. As for the storage management tool, it will be out at the same time as Europe (before the end of April)!

3) Shadow Ghost and Valorant

a) Shadow Ghost

No updates on that end. Shadow is still in talks with the factory in China, trying to get clear visibility on the matter.

b) Valorant

Shadow is still in talks with RIOT, no updates on the subject yet.

II) Shadow Makers and university program

1) Shadow maker program

Wants to know more about it? Check it out here!

For the users who qualified and have been invited, they will receive an email by tomorrow morning (Friday morning). This is only the first wave, as more people will be invited to join in later on.

2) Shadow university program

Want to know more about it and maybe register? Check it out here!

Check out these amazing wallpapers made by, and for, the community

Q & A

Q: Why is my order page not working?
A: It’s just a bug. If you’re concerned about it, please contact support to ask them about your order!

Q: Why won’t it be possible to add extra storage in Amsterdam?
A: We miscalculated and thought we would have enough. I know it sounds weird for a tech company to say that, but there were people calculating the heck out of it.

Sadly there was some screwing around with the numbers, so we actually don’t have enough storage at the moment. However, the plan is that we will have new storage for Amsterdam in summer this year.

Q: Will upgrading my Shadow tier wipe or format my system?
A: If you were on a previous subscription plan that was not called Shadow boost, then migrating your account over to Shadow boost, then you will not have any data wipe. However, if you go from shadow boost to ultra and Infinite, you will have to experience a data wipe and need to backup your data

Q: What about the roadmap for 2020?
A: It’s almost complete, but it’s not ready to unveil just yet.

Q: What about the multi-screen feature (2 screens, 2 devices)?
A: That feature is still available in Alpha no firm timeline to share for when it’s going to be reaching beta or production. As for the dual-screen feature (2 screens, 1 device), it’s still under development.

Q: What about the timeout issue while playing VR?
A: No updates to share yet, but we’re working on this!

Q: What about Shadow on raspberry pi?
A: Not a priority, not gonna happen any time soon.

Q: Can I buy a Shadow mouse pad?
A: yes you can, here.