Today’s Shadow news is brought to you by Luc, Global Community Lead, and Rija, Brand and Communication Director.Its main subject is the announcement of February 19 (and yes there will be spoilers )

I) The Boost offers

For 2 or 3 weeks now, Shadow started to activate the Boost offers (around 300 per day) :

  • Shadow first started with those who did not pre-order additional storage, this part is now almost complete, because it will only be available beginning of March.
  • Shadow will then start to activate those who pre-ordered additional storage and should finish around end of March, beginning of April. Those who had an expected activation in February, will be activated in February/beginning of March, and Shadow will do its best to activate in March those who had an expected activation in April.

All boost Boost offers should be activated in March, beginning of April tops !

Around half of users pre-ordered the Boost offer. Starting 1st of March they will benefit from the Boost price (meaning that, starting that date, any bills they will receive from then on will be set on the Boost offer price)

II) The Ultra and Infinite Offers

1) The March activations

10% of the Ultra and Infinite pre-orders will be activated in march as follows : 70% of old customers (those who already were on shadow when they pre-ordered) and 30% of new customers, sourced from all relevant countries. Those lucky ones will be told on February 19.

These activations will be made on a new data center, from OVH. The data transfer feature won’t be possible , a full reset will be needed. People will obviously have a choice in the matter :

  • Accept the reset : everything will go as planned until their activation.
  • Refuse the reset : they will be switched to the Boost offer price automatically and will wait for their activation (by the end of summer 2020 tops)

No matter what choice those users make, they will be informed!

2) The 2020 activation

For the 90% of users that will have to wait, Shadow has planned to activated their Ultra/Infinite between March and the end of the summer. Again, concerned users will have choices to make :

  • Old customers : Starting February 19, they will be able to choose on their account page to be switched to the Boost offer price (while keeping their place in the waiting list for the Ultra/Infinite offers activation). The user’s choice is mandatory. Indeed, Shadow cannot legally enforce it without the user’s choice.
  • New customer : 3 possible choice :
  1. Choosing a Boost VM (activated in March) while waiting for their Ultra/Infinite activation (they will also keep their place in the waiting list)
  2. Canceling their pre-order
  3. Waiting for their Ultra/Infinite Activation

IMPORTANT: New customers pre-payed their first month of Ultra/Infinite, two possibilities regarding this:

1) It is refunded if they choose to cancel their pre-order

2) The amount that they have paid, will be deducted from their first bills if they choose to be switched to the boost offer while waiting.

You can watch again, or read the recap, the previous live, to understand better why the Ultra and Infinite offers are delayed 🙂 .

source : Discord : every possible situation a user could be in

III) Storage

Everyone who chose the Ultra/Infintite to get more base storage, will be able to buy additional storage on their account page and add it on their temporary boost offer.

Users who pre-ordered storage will receive it automatically in March

IV) The Shadow Ghost

Due to the coronavirus , all of the factories are shutdown until further notice. The Shadow Ghost are already made, but there is still some checking and testing to do before sending them to us. Right now, no ones there has the possibility to do it. The Shadow are still plannend for mid-March but be advice : Delay might happen. Shadow will keep users in the loop as it gets more information