Today’s Shadow news is brought to you by Luc, community lead, and Vincent, project manager. Its main purpose will be to give you feedback about February 19.

As every answered questions can be found in the FAQ channel of the discord ( I will only Copy/paste the content here for this time only (for those of you who are not on discord ^^⁾
All information subject to change

Your Order

Q: I pre-ordered Shadow Boost then canceled my old subscription. Why do I have no news about my activation?
You will be activated on Shadow Boost. The date is available via your customer account.

Q: I cancelled my pre-order. Why haven’t received my refund yet?
You will receive your refund within 5 to 10 business days.

Q: Will I still automatically be activated on my Shadow Ultra or Shadow Infinite order if I choose a 12-month plan for Shadow Boost while waiting?
Yes, once activated on Shadow Ultra or Infinite, your Shadow Boost commitment you chose will be voided.

Q: If I’m in the March batch for Shadow Ultra or Shadow Infinite, when and how will I be notified that configuration is ready before I am migrated onto it?
You will see a confirmation at the end of the Typeform survey – If a reset is accepted, you will receive an email to the confirm activation date.

Q: I have seen new users getting their Shadow Boost activation since the end of January. Why, as a current user, do I get the Boost price almost 2 months later (if my billing is at the end of March)?
Activating everyone on time means 2 work flows :

  1. creating new VMs for new users and
  2. web development to switch the price of existing users. To ensure we meet our deadlines, we activated VMs as a priority – once that was done, we still had to develop the price switch (which was not existing before at scale).

Q: Is Shadow Boost a lower/higher config than the original Shadow
They are the exact same.

Q: I choose a temporary Shadow Boost while waiting for Shadow Ultra or Shadow infinite, and then cancel Shadow Boost, do I lose my Shadow Ultra/Infinite?
If you cancel your temporary Shadow Boost, you do keep your initial pre-order. However, if you cancel your initial pre-order, you will lose your slot in the queue. This action will also cancel your temporary Shadow boost if not already activated.

Q: I canceled my preorder by mistake, how can I resubscribe?
You can resubscribe via your customer account under the “Subscription and Billing” tab, however please be aware the new delivery date for Shadow Boost is June (for both activation and price switch).

Q: Can I be activated on Shadow Boost right now with no wait?
No. You will be activated in March if you chose a temporary Shadow Boost.

Q: Can I add or remove storage?
You will be able to do this in March via your customer account under “Subscription and Billing” tab.

Q: Can I order and receive the Shadow Ghost now?
We have a problem in our Shadow Ghost production due to the coronavirus. We cannot provide a concrete date for now and will update you as soon as information is available.

Q: Can I cancel only Shadow Ghost from my order now?
You have 2 choices for this:

  1. You have to cancel the entire pre-order to cancel your Shadow Ghost (then you would lose your spot in the queue) or
  2. Contact our support team for assistance.

Q: If I originally chose Shadow Boost as a temporary solution, can I keep it indefinitely and cancel my initial order?
Yes of course! Be careful, you have to wait for your Shadow Boost to be activated before cancelling your Shadow Ultra and Shadow Infinite. If you cancel before being activated on your temporary Shadow Boost, you will cancel everything.

Q: I have no subscription listed in my subscription page anymore, where did my order go?
This should not happen. Please contact our support team.

Q: I was notified that I was activated but I am not actually activated. What do I do?
This should not happen. Please contact our support team. An activation email should be sent to you once activated.

Q: Will I receive my referral’s price reduction if I choose Shadow Boost while waiting for my Shadow Ultra or Shadow Infinite?

Q: I’ve preordered Ultra/Infinite with a discount code. Will my discount be “postponed” to my 1st month after activation so I’m not losing it by choosing Shadow Boost?Yes.Q: Will the Amsterdam data center have Shadow Ultra and Shadow Infinite?
No, it will be in Paris data center. To ensure quality of service, we conducted routing tests from different locations and noticed zero impact on performance

Q: Is there a data wipe going from the original Shadow to Shadow Boost?No.Q: Does ‘end of summer’ mean activations will start then and potentially go on for some time, or is it the target date to have activations completed.
‘End of summer’ is the activation starting date for now.

Q: [For ‘end of summer’ activations] When and how will I be notified that my Shadow Ultra and Shadow Infinite is ready before being moved on it?There will be an email sent to you to inform you on upcoming activations. The timings are still to be defined depending on final activation date (End of summer is target)

Why the delay?

Q: Why are we late on the delivery of Shadow Ultra & Shadow Infinite?
TLDR: We are not ready to scale Shadow Ultra & Shadow Infinite to our desired size just yet.
Scaling in cloud computing is not as simple as it may seem. Making Shadow work for 1, 100 or 1,000 users doesn’t necessarily mean that the same developed systems and methods will still work flawlessly for 10,000 and more.
This means that we are, at this moment, still limited in terms of scaling Shadow Ultra & Shadow infinite to the size we targeted during the initial pre-order phase.
To give you an example:
Some technical difficulties we ran into during our earlier tests with the new configurations were regarding water cooling and motherboard management. These are two examples that we need to explore further and stabilize to continue on our promise to democratize high-end gaming.

Q: So what about Shadow Boost? Do you not run into the same issues with it?
TLDR: Yes and no.
Yes in the past we did run into similar issues we do run into with Shadow Ultra & Shadow Infinite. By today however, we figured out how to scale Shadow (& Shadow Boost) properly to the size we aim to offer.

Q: So why are some users already being activated on Shadow Ultra & Shadow Infinite?TLDR: We want to scale and need to get ready for it. The first users help us with a business case and by making our new configurations scale-ready.
There are two reasons for that:

  1. Shadow Ultra & Shadow Infinite are stable at the current number of users we plan to onboard in March. In order to scale and resolve issues, these first users will help us by using their Shadow in a variety of uses.
  2. It helps us to create a business case for the first-of-its-kind configurations and with it attract more, future investors to help us grow. This is why we chose to activate a diverse group of users.

Q: Why is the delivery date of Shadow Ultra & Shadow Infinite still so vague?
Because we are still in a development cycle to scale. End of summer 2020 is our target date internally which, by looking at the current situation, is realistic.

Q: So why did you make us pre-order Shadow Ultra & Shadow Infinite for February?
TLDR: Initially, we believed our deadlines could be met. However, we underestimated the impact of creating new configurations featuring untested hardware for Shadow.
Because at this time we thought that our knowledge and experience from the past years of developing and working with Shadow & Shadow Boost would enable us to successfully launch and scale Shadow Ultra & Shadow Infinite on time. Well, as you now know, we were wrong. And we need the next few months to work on it.
That is also the reason why we closed pre-orders for Shadow Ultra & Shadow Infinite for now.