Today’s shadow news, special edition, is brought to you by Luc (Head of Community) and Jerome (new BLADE’s CEO since September 2019)

I) Pre orders (news tiers, Shadow Ghost and additional storage)

  • 100% of Shadow Boost pre-orders will be activated by the end of February, for those who were expecting delivery in February AND April
  • 100% of pre-ordered additional storage will also be delivered by March, for every active Shadow, whatever configuration you have pre-ordered.
  • 100% of Shadow Ghost will be delivered starting in  **mid-**March, for every active Shadow, whatever configuration you have pre-ordered
  • A small percentage of users will have their Shadow Ultra & Shadow Infinite offers activated starting in March
  • Others won’t be activated until further notice. Rest assured, Shadow is working to confirm a date, but there are too many uncertainties to say anything at this moment.

II) What’s next?

  • Battle For Hardware has been up and running for a few months now and all tiers have been heavily tested and no components were left untouched (cooling system for example). It emerged that changes had to be made and therefore implemented, resulting in delays.It is thus necessary to ensure the scalability of the new tiers by adding new configurations/sources to ensure that activations for new tiers are smooth and efficient !

Scalability is an attribute that describes the ability of a process, network, software or organization to grow and manage increased demand. A system, business or software that is described as scalable has an advantage because it is more adaptable to the changing needs or demands of its users or clients.
source :

  • Everyone at Shadow is actively looking for solutions to guarantee the quality of service, bring down delays to a minimum and to ensure enough deliveries to supply everyone and make it all work properly.

NB : When it comes to components, what we’re talking about here are not the ones like the CGU, CPU etc. (which are doing just fine) but rather the ones we don’t really see at first glance: motherboard (heating issues and needed to be switched), memory etc. This was one of main causes for the delay.

  • Eventually, to make it all works properly, software developments are needed. For them to function in harmony with the hardware, 100% of the new tiers’ components need to be approved, thus allowing Shadow to test them out until perfection.

III) Activation delays management 

So far, at Shadow’s HQ, everything is set in motion to properly size the delays, assess them and deal with them to the best (and beyond) of our knowledge and competence.

As a gesture of good faith and to show Shadow’s infinite appreciation of your support:

  • Every users waiting for their Infinite/Ultra tier to be activated will have the option to be activated  on Boost (at Shadow Boost price) up until their original order is fulfilled. Thus, allowing everyone waiting to enjoy the Shadow experience despite the delays.This should be done pretty quickly, more information to follow on  February 19th with a dedicated email to each user, to ensure all situations are covered) 
  • Shadow wants to supply additional storage (at least equivalent to what the Ultra tier has to offer) as soon as possible to everyone confirming their transition to the Boost offer.

While waiting for the 19 of February, it’s all hands on deck for the devs and infra teams. They will: 

  • Learn everything they can from the Battle For Hardware setups
  • Ensure all hardware modifications are implemented in an efficiently, smoothly and fast way
  • Ensure the starting up of bulk buying and sourcing.

Sourcing: the act of getting something, especially products or materials, from a particular place: sourcing of sth Last year, the company centralized its sourcing of raw materials. Product sourcing is highly selective source :]

While waiting to hear from our suppliers about delivery deadlines etc. , Informations will be given to all users as it becomes known to Shadow.